TCV Selakui Result upload…

Following are the requirements and steps to upload student’s results of TCV Selakui.

Basic Database knowledge table, structure, fields etc
Basic SQL command like CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE etc
Textpad software (can be downloaded and optional)
Regular Expression (Optional) if known can speedup the entire process.
Need two separate database table to hold the results (VI to X) and (XI)

Database Table Structure:

1. Open the Database table by typing following URL:
Provide following username and password:
Username: *****
Password: ******

2. Cpanel window will open up and scroll down and search for PHPMyAdmin and open it, this will open the Database.

3. Select database, our database name is (tcvsela_onlineresult).

4. Now create two new tables to hold the third term result, this is because of difference of subject taken by students. Table structure should be same as other term table. I have provided the table structure above kindly refer it. To do it one has to use SQL CREATE command.

5. After creating the tables now it’s time to INSERT the results. To do it one has to use SQL INSERT command.


These are the steps to insert student’s results.
NOTE: This is an easy way to upload the results but it takes time. To really make it faster one needs to do some extra work such as converting the excel sheet into CVS file and then quoting all the data fields. After this, you can upload entire class at a time.

Posted by Jangchup Dorjee for TCV Selakui


3 thoughts on “TCV Selakui Result upload…

    • Hello Chimay Rinchen la, i am no longer working in TCV Selakui therefore, i can’t help you to get the result. Could you plz contact school office (01352698573) to know her result.

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