Hands on – Remote Installation Service (RIS)

Remote installation service (RIS): Very interesting service to get experienced! I knew little about this service, but I haven’t got any practical session until my laptop crashed completely including CD-ROM. There was no way to reinstall OS and resurrect my poor laptop without purchasing a new CD-ROM. But how hard am I, I don’t want to spend a penny on this but still want to get it done!

Although there could be numerous ways to get it fixed. However, this situation triggered me to give a try this fascinating Windows service (RIS). And finally I was able to bring my machine alive. Let’s see how I did it.

How to do RIS?

1. First of all what we need is, a Windows Server computer with following configurations:

  • Active Directory
  • Domain Control
  • DHCP enabled.

2. Once you have all of the above features, now install RIS from Add/Remove program. From Add/Remove, click on Add/Remove Windows Components and install RIS.

3. After installing RIS restart the server computer.

4. Once computer is restarted login with the admin privileges and insert Windows OS CD/DVD into the drive and then select Remote Installation Service Setup. Because when you start Remote Installation Service Setup it will compile all the necessary files and folders from the disk to create installation file. To thoroughly understand the process read the wizards carefully and proceed.

5. After completing this process, hock your dead/new/client computer to network and boot it with PXE LAN (network boot) and follow the instructions and proceed.

6. That’s it! And using this service one can install Windows on multiple computers at a give time.

This KB article applies to moderate computer geek! Have fun……..