GNS3 and Secure CRT screen router’s tab name

Recently after some updates on my Windows 7 computer I started to face issue with router names on the console tab while running secure CRT screen in GNS3. The exact issue was every time when I run secure CRT console on GNS3 routers, the name of the routers on the tab is appearing like “Dynamips(0):R1,Console port” whereas the actual name should be just R1, R2, R3 etc. See the screen shot:



For me this is getting very uncomfortable when the numbers of routers grows and it is really difficult to know on which router I am actually working. Therefor I had to search out for the solution and found these two possible fixes.

  1. Right click on the Tab and Rename it. Caveat is you have to do this on each and every router.
  2. Change the terminal parameters from GNS3 preference menu. For this see the screen shots below:



Click on Terminal Settings and remove the /arg %d /T /telnet %h %p and change it to /T /N %d /telnet %p




After changing the parameters click on Apply and Ok buttons. And then you should see the Routers names exactly on the tab when you open up the consoles.



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