How to recover your lost wifi password from your PC (Windows)

This particular solution is applicable only on following scenario.

  1. That your PC had a wifi connection to the existing wifi router.
  2. That you forgot the wifi password and not able to get it back from wifi router also.

NOTE: This solution provides wifi password recover, not hacking and snooping into other wifi networks! and current wifi ssid in this document is blurred for security purpose.


Open command prompt in administrator privileges and type in the command to see the list of wifi APs

—-netsh wlan show profiles – This command will list out the wifi AP with their SSID (wifi name).






Now you need to select the wifi name for which you need to recover the password. To do so type the following command.

—- netsh wlan show profiles [wifi name]–This will show all information about the wifi network and SECURITY KEY (PRESENT) means it has a password.










Now to recover the password type in the following command.

—-netsh wlan show profiles (wifi ap name) key=clear—This command will reflect the password under security settings-> Key Content.